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"the benefits of fibre" by RonH on March 9, 2010, 6:19 pm, in category High speed Fiber
High fibre offers more than just roughage.  High speed fibre can be benneficial in the technology and internet area to be sure.

there are various forms of Hosting services available.  This type of service goes well beyond what an internet connection would provide for you.

For webmasters who desire complete control over their server, collocated hosting can be a very important option.  Space for a server can be offered on colocation racks and the connection can be very high speed using fiber optic connections or a lower performance bandwidth through the internet.

Once something like this is in place, the door gets thrown open to so many more capabilities for companies such as offsite storage, offsite backups, offsite FTP servers, interoffice voice and voip even with remote offices, email, printing and colaberation and the list goes on.

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